Young Physicists Forum 2019 - Committee



My main interest in life is learning how the universe works. The focus of my studies at ETH Zurich and at EPFL are High Energy Physics and Cosmology.

I think Physics, and Science in general are as marvelous as they are necessary, and it is the side-work of scientists to share what we learn with the rest of the world.

My main goal as president of the YPF is to show to other students how discussing about what we study and what we have learned, can have a positive impact in the world.



I have always agreed to be part of any committee in which I was invited. This leads me not only to the YPF, but also among other to be president for a time of the Fachschaft of Maths and Physics of the University of Fribourg where I study. The same open mindset allows me to appreciate nearly all subjects in physics and even science in general. This naturally lead me to start my Master thesis in the broad field of interdisciplinary physics.

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I'm studying physics at the university Basel in the 4th semester. My biggest interest lies in classic and modern Mechanics. My goal of my degree is to understand the theoretical basics to apply them in a practical way. Apart from studying physics, I like to build and repair stuff (e.g. watches, radios, furniture) in my workshop. I'm looking forward to present the Fachgruppe Physik Universität Basel to the YPF.



I am studying physics at the University of Geneva, currently in the third year. I am really interested in theoretical physics; during the past year I have particularly enjoyed analytical mechanics and electrodynamics.

It is my first year in the YPF committee. I was in the 2018 forum at CERN for the first time, and there I was fascinated by the concept of visiting remarkable places in the world of Physics and Science while meeting other students from other universities. Besides studying physics I have a few hobbies like e.g. gliding, skiing, music (organ), cinema and reading.

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I am 22 and currently in the 5th semester of my physics bachelor at the University Zürich. I am interested in particle physics, solid state physics and astronomy.

What fascinates me the most about physics is that through it, we attempt to describe the complexity of our environment with the simplest possible models and formulas.

As a member of the FPU I am organizing several events like «the Albert Einstein Ehrengast» and the YPF. I am in the YPF because I want to help to maintain and improve the connection between the Swiss university students.



The complexity and connectivity of nature is overwhelming and fascinating. By studying physics at Bern University, I tried to understand the base of nature processes, however, after years of learning you can only catch a glimpse of what's happening in our universe.

Events like YPF helped me so far to experience other fields of physics that I wouldn't encounter during my usual studies; in my first YPF event, sports and physics were put together in Magglingen. The talks were interesting and surprising, the nice company between the talks and the refreshing activities, made it an unforgetable event. By joining the YPF committee, I hope to experience some insights and to meet people working in other fields of physics.

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From Fribourg University