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Primordial Black Holes as Dark Matter and their Detection with Gravitational Waves

  • ETH Zurich, HIT H 42 Wolfgang-Pauli-Strasse 27 Zürich, ZH Switzerland (map)

by Juan Garcia-Bellido, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

This colloquium focuses on primordial black holes (PBH). With the discoveries of  LIGO in the field of gravitational waves in recent years, we have been given crucial information that could help us better understand dark matter. Furthermore, it could be that within 10 years, with the help of an array of detectors (LIGO, VIRGO, KAGRA, INDIGO, etc.), we can determine spind distribution and mass of PBH dark matter with 10% accuracy. If successful, gravitational wave astronomy could lead to a paradigm shift in the understanding of the nature of dark matter.

Source: http://www.theorycolloquium.phys.ethz.ch/programme/current.html