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Investigating the Zeptouniverse with Rare Kaon Decays: First Results from NA62

  • ETH Zurich, HPV G 4 Robert-Gnehm-Weg 15 Zürich, ZH, 8049 Switzerland (map)

by Augusto Ceccucci, Department of Theoretical Physics, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

" NA62 is a new experiment at the CERN SPS to explore the infinitely small with rare kaon decays. It is a state of the art detector with hermetic coverage for charged and neutral particles, full particle identification and very light, fast trackers. The main goal is to study the decay K + → π+ ν ν¯, one of the holy grails of flavour physics. The experiment took its first physics data in 2016 and the first results will be presented. "

Source: https://www.ethz.ch/content/specialinterest/phys/physics-colloquium/en/programme/current/Ceccucci.html